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OuterWorlds GalacticSky Showcase

Today, I am excited to reveal to you all the progress we have made on GalacticSky. It has been a challenging getting everything working on 1.19.2 as it is the newest version of Minecraft, there’s a lot to try and figure out. Especially when jumping up several versions, it is a hard task to complete but it has been done, and we have a lot to share with you. Below is a showcase of all the features we have implemented so far into GalacticSky, and a look into the future of what is coming.



There are several planets for you to choose from on GalacticSky to begin your journey. If you’d like to view the planets in-game, open the Planet Selector and right-click any of them to get a preview! Note that once you’ve selected a planet, that will be your planet from then onward. You are able to delete a planet, but it costs $10,000 in-game to do so. There is also a Default Planet that can be found in the Planet Selector, which is your typical SkyBlock Island if you’d rather not use a planet.



As you will see when you first login, there will be a sapling in your inventory. This tool is called the "GalacticSky Menu" and can be used to do just about everything on the server, from accessing your Planet Control Panel, the Marketplace, GalacticGames and much more without having to use any commands! Feel free to take a look around the menu and familiarize yourself with all of it's features as they will all most likely come in handy at some point.



Slaves in GalacticSky can be used to complete various tasks around your planet, such as mining, farming, sorting, crafting, selling and more! You can purchase one by using "/shop" in-game. They do cost quite a bit, but they are definitely worth the price! Slaves are also very hungry beings that require lots of food to function. You can provide it food by linking it to a chest with food inside of it. If you do not properly feed your slaves, they will die!



Want to AFK your farms but have nothing to do in the meantime? We've got you covered! With GalacticGames, you can play several popular and custom minigames straight from your inventory! To use this, run the command "/gg" in-game to access the selection of games. You can also play Multiplayer Minigames too with others on the server by accessing the Multiplayer Menu inside GalacticGames.



The Jukebox can be found inside the GalacticSky Menu, preloaded with dozens of songs and tunes to help cure that awkward silence while you play! (that is if you aren't already listening to some music of your own already) You can select certain songs to be looped, you can shuffle through all the songs and adjust the volume of each song all from the menu!



Pets are great companions to keep you company while playing on GalacticSky. Pets can be found in Crates, Dungeons and can also be purchased from our store. We also have packages available that let you buy all pets for a bulk pricing discount. Purchasing a rank also includes some pet vouchers, the higher the rank, the more vouchers you can claim.



Mob Spawners can be found inside the shop, and can also be won from all crates and found in Dungeons. You are able to stack up to 5 spawners in a stack. You can also pay with ores to upgrade the speeds of your spawners to get better spawn rates. The mobs themselves stack on top of each other as well, allowing for a cleaner setup when building your spawner rooms.



You can level up your Planet by placing down blocks of ores mined from your generator. The highest levelled planets will show up on the leaderboards and at the end of each season will receive a prize for being on top! The ore blocks themselves stack on top of one another, and you can add to the stack by simply placing a block on top of another. To break and grab the whole stack, shift and right click to take them all.



Although this feature will not be available during beta, I decided to include it here in the Preview so players can get a glimpse of what is to come. There will be multiple Dungeons on GalacticSky that you can complete for various rewards, such as Crate Keys, Mob Spawners and Slaves! Each Dungeon will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and each dungeon can only be ran once every 3 days. To start a dungeon, you must have four people in your party to begin. Throughout the Dungeons will be various bosses, puzzles, mazes, parkour and more to complete. It should be noted, that if you die inside of a Dungeon, you will not be allowed to respawn. The Dungeon shown in the image above is "Riduku's Manor". A new Dungeon will be available each new season of GalacticSky. This thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available.


There is a lot more to come for GalacticSky as it is still actively in development, please note that the native version of GalacticSky is 1.19.2, and if you join on older versions of Minecraft, although we allow it, you will experience bugs that are out of our control due to compatibility. Feel free to report the bugs, but we cannot guarantee a fix for them. Please test the issue on 1.19.2 if you are using another version before reporting the issue. GalacticSky releases in beta tomorrow, November 1st @ 4:00 PM EST! Make sure you are on and again I hope to see you all on.​
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