Network Rules


Network Rules
These rules are placed in this document for your own personal reference, and to understand what is punishable and what is not punishable. Anything not contained within this document is not punishable. Rules are subject to modification or change without notice at any given time

  • No Spamming, Swearing or Harassment​
  • No DDos/Dox Threats
  • No NSFW Content
  • No use of hacks of any kind, this includes but is not limited to autoclickers, modified clients, etc.​
  • No attempting to look like a hacker or cheater, you will be treated as if you are one​
  • No abuse of any glitches or exploits, anything that falls under these categories must be reported to a staff member​
  • No selling in-game items/ranks for currency in the real world, this is a do at your own risk rule, and will not be endorsed or backed by our staff team in the event of a scam​
  • No faking any evidence against a player to attempt getting them punished​
  • No chargebacks of any kind within our store, if you are having an issue, please consult with a staff member as this will result in an instant blacklist​
  • No use of VPN or Proxy connections to the server, especially to bypass a ban. If you have a legitimate reason for using a VPN or Proxy please contact the staff team​
  • No using alternative accounts to gain an advantage on the server, use cases such as but are not limited to daily voting, extra PlayerVaults, kill-boosting, etc are bannable offenses​
  • No attempting to evade a ban/mute on our platforms, this includes using alternative accounts, using /nick & /pay while muted, etc.​
  • Reporting a player requires sufficient evidence, please provide evidence against all players that break our rules​
  • No teaming with hackers or cheaters​
  • No double clicking or drag clicking, this will result in a Scythe ban. Butterfly clicking is allowed, but at your own risk​
  • No inappropriate, NSFW, or discriminatory usernames are allowed​
  • No advertising other Discord/Minecraft Servers on our platforms​
  • The only acceptable links in chat are to Imgur & YouTube. Any other links will be filtered by default​
  • If you do choose to stream on the server, you may only post a stream link once every 5 minutes in chat​
  • No download links of any kind on our platforms​
  • No soliciting giveaways of external items unrelated to OuterWorlds​
  • No intentionally trying to bypass our chat filter​
  • Be respectful to any and all users on our platforms, both players and staff​
  • No using excessive profanity especially in a toxic manner​
  • No death threats or suicide encouragement on any of our platforms​
  • Do not stall any events or minigames within the network​
  • No attempting to escape combat via glitches such as bow boost or block glitching​
  • No lag machines or auto farming​
  • No inappropriate clan names or prefixes​
  • No trapping players on your planet or inside your base if on permission based properties​
  • No teleportation traps or Ender/Nether Portal traps​
  • No X-Raying or Automining​
  • No troll applications or appeals of any kind​
  • No asking staff members to accept an application or appeal on any platform​
  • No boosting your reaction scores on our website​
  • No inappropriate profile pictures or banners within our Discord​
  • No boosting duels stats or other players stats​
  • Most importantly, use common sense! If something doesn't feel right do not do it. If you have a concern about something being punishable or against the rules please contact a staff member before doing so​
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