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OuterWorlds KitPvP+ Showcase


We're excited today to bring you all a glimpse into KitPvP+ on OuterWorlds! This thread will go over every feature that will be available starting November 1st, 2022 when our beta testing begins. More features will be implemented post-launch as time goes on, but this thread will only cover what is currently usable in-game.

First off, as you can see from the image above, we have a new map! This map will expand exponentially from the original map, now a 600x600 map for a more immersive experience. There will also be multiple Outposts on this map, allowing for more than just one person to claim an Outpost, with an all new boss named



Outposts are a great way to get started on KitPvP+ as they offer several perks that can be beneficial to your fights. Currently, there is only one and it's name is the Wanderlust Outpost. By standing inside of this structure in the image above, you begin claiming the Outpost. You must be the only one inside the Outpost in order for the claiming process to begin. Here are the rewards you get for claiming the Wanderlust Outpost:

1x Outpost Crate Key
Speed I
Regeneration I
Fire Resistance

Be careful as you are capturing the Outpost, there is a boss that spawns in each Outpost! Each Outpost will have a different boss with different abilities, so make sure you are prepared at all times when inside one!

Supply Crates


The Supply Crate Event is the best way to get geared up without actually having to fight to get it off someone! The Supply Crates contain gear from all premium kits on KitPvP+ without buying the ranks. You of course though, have to fight to be the first to them. There are 28 Supply Crates in total around the map, and are located inside the hot air balloons in the sky. To reach these crates, you will need the blocks provided to you inside of any kit on the server (if you ever run out of blocks, you can just use "/kit pvp" again to get another stack). Once you reach a balloon, left click to break open the crate and claim your prize! There are four crates on each balloon, and the balloons will always be in the same spots around the map at all times in case you would like to memorize them. The timer for the Supply Crates can also be found at spawn right before jumping down into the battlefield!



Events are a fun and relaxing way to earn Crate Keys while playing on KitPvP+! Although you do need to either purchase/win event hosting permissions, it is always free to join one! You will know when an event is being hosted as it will say in chat. To join an event, open your chatbox and click on the prompt that says "Click to Join" and that's it! Each winner of an event will receive a "Event Crate Key" that can be used to open the Event Crate located in spawn. There is a six hour cooldown on each event that you do decide to host. Hostable events include:

One In The Chamber
Red Rover
Wool Shuffle
Last Man Standing
Team Deathmatch
Race of the Death
King of the Hill


The one thing that separates our KitPvP from other servers is the ability to build in the battlefield! Not only can the blocks in your kits be used to build up to the Supply Crates, but they can also be used as apart of your combat strategy as well! In Each kit you will find "Darkened Glass" and when placed, disappears after a few seconds of being placed. This feature is good for trapping players, blocking arrow shots, and much more.

Warp Strike


Introducing a new way to attack your opponents, you can now Warp Strike by using right click to throw your weapon towards another player. This ability will have a five second cooldown, and will only warp you towards your opponent if it lands on them. This ability will work with all weapons, but keep in mind that using it will cause a lot more damage to your weapons than a normal attack!

Potion Effects


You can now snag the potion effects a player had before they died. Whatever time they had left on their potion effect timer will be included inside the corpse of their body when killing them, and the potion will include any and all of those status effects as well.



On KitPvP+ we have made it so that it is not that easy for others to come and clean your kills when fighting in big groups. The way we have eliminated this issue is through Corpses! When killing a player, their corpse will drop to the ground. By right-clicking on the corpse, you can access it's inventory and gather the gear that your opponent had. After two minutes of the corpse being on the ground, the corpse will decay and the gear will fall to the ground.

Pickup Filter


With the intuitive GUI of the Pickup Filter, you are easily able to enable/disable items to be picked up on the server! By typing "/pf" you are able to modify the settings for this. All items on KitPvP+ can be filtered from your inventory by using this feature! The filter excludes Seasonal kits from prior seasons, only current Seasonal kit will be shown in the filter. Setting an item to "False" will completely disable the ability to pick it up, leaving you with more inventory spots to pick up the gear you want!


There are many more features to look at on KitPvP+ that cannot be covered in just one thread, but when logging into the server, if you proceed forward, you will find a NPC titled "Menu" that lets you view virtually all commands and permissions inside the game, such as Coinflips, Leaderboards, Auction House, Trails, and Reclaims.

Join us on November 1st, 2022 for the Beta Release of OuterWorlds KitPvP+! Hope to see you there.​
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