Crystalia Preview


OuterWorlds Crystalia Preview


I am excited to announce the release of a new project we are calling Crystalia, a new BedWars/CakeWars type gamemode by popular demand of our players, but we have put our own spin on things. As you can see from the image above, we have used all the planets from GalacticSky as well as a new planet we call "Invasion Planet" to make this fast-paced, fun and unique gamemode possible.


Any player, no matter your rank on the server can commence a match of Crystalia. You must have at least two players to begin a match, and to being a match both players must each stand in their own pod. Once both players have stepped inside one the game will commence. Please note that once you have started a game, no other players can join your game. As of now, there are no leaderboards or stats, this is purely for fun and still in early development, in the future we will add support for multiple games to run at once, as well as 2v2's.


Each planet gets a crystal as shown above, and these have health on them and are not like normal crystals or even beds on BedWars where they are practically a one shot, you actually have to kill the crystal itself. To win the game, you will need to destroy all of your opponents crystals and kill them, the last one standing wins!


Inside your planet, you will find shops like these right when you spawn. You spawn right on your generator, which generates only coal at the start, but can be upgraded to spawn the other ores. The main ores in this gamemode are coal, quartz, redstone, emeralds, and diamonds. You can exchange all of these ores for various upgrades at your planet. You can also store gear in your chest/ender chest if needed.


In the middle of the map, you will find a mine with various ores that regenerate over time. These are the ores that will be used in the shop. You must buy a pickaxe before heading over to these ores as you only spawn with a wooden sword.

This gamemode is still in VERY early development and we will be adding lots more to the shops and map eventually. The gamemode is currently available for play NOW! Head over to the Crystalia NPC in Hub to get started! Please report any bugs you may find to us in our Discord.



I've recently joined the Crystalia team, and I can say this gamemode is going to be amazing!